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Interactive Tools Cancer and Work Fatigue Tracking Tool

Cancer and Work Fatigue Tracking Tool

The Cancer and Work Fatigue Tracking Tool created by members of the team along with experts in fatigue assessments and tool development is meant to assist you in assessing your fatigue quickly according to 2 dimensions: your level of fatigue and time of day.

The purpose of this tool is to help you identify what parts of your day you are more tired, to what degree and for how long. Identifying the time of day your are most tired will help you with your healthcare provider to determine if you are ready to return to work and whether you would benefit from medical or rehabilitative intervention to improve your energy or guide a return to work plan by determining the number of hours you can do. Having identified those periods during the day where you feel most tired can also give you and your healthcare provide ideas on when accommodations or fatigue management strategies you may need at certain times of day to remain working at a productive and safe level.

Instructions: For each week, select five typical working days or anticipate typical working days. Print and use the chart below to track your fatigue level.. Make sure to input your fatigue scores for each part (start, middle and end) of each day.

Download the Fatigue Tracking template (PDF)

or you may choose to complete the Cancer and Fatigue Tracking tool online and hit submit at the end to generate a report.