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Interactive Tools Energizers and Drainers Tool

Energizers and Drainers Tool

One way to better understand your abilities is by tracking your energy during daily activities. Tracking may help you obtain some ideas to better manage your energy. Using the Energizers and Drainers Interactive Tool, you can rate your energy across the day. The Energizer and Drainer Interactive Tool is an expansion from Cancer and Returning To Work: A Practical Guide for Cancer Patients1.

Instructions: Enter some of your daily activities below and level of energy before and after (from very low to very high); you will receive a chart which will help you identify your energizers and drainers .

Alternate PDF version available: Download Energizers & Drainers PDF worksheet

Example worksheet: View a sample completed worksheet

  • Activity:     Energy before:
        Energy after:


When you're done entering your activities:

Next Steps:

Now that you've generated your chart, put the information to use!

If you know the time of day when you have low energy, try doing less demanding tasks during those times. If you know certain tasks take more energy (for example: concentrating on numbers, working at more physically demanding tasks), try doing those tasks when you feel the most energized.

Don't forget to print and/or save your chart before leaving this page!

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