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On Saturday, January 30th 2021,  Dr. Christine Maheu of McGill University and Maureen Parkinson of BC Cancer Foundation spoke about Cancer and Work.



Tina works as an Administration Manager for subsidized housing for First Nations. She was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 41. In this video, Tina talks about trying to find support during her breast cancer treatment and her reactions to her body’s changes.


Lindsay was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at age 29. Her treatment consisted of two rounds of chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, full-body radiation and then spinal-tap radiation. Watch as she talks about her diagnosis, isolation, lost and rekindled friendships, returning to the world, and finding her balance.


In this video, Jen talks about dealing with endodermal sinus, a rare form of ovarian cancer, as a young adult. She talks about how hard it was to go back to being dependent on her mother through treatment and her slow and difficult return to work. Jen also shares how finding a support group of young-adult cancer survivors helped her heal.

These videos are courtesy Canadian Partnership Against Cancer: Truth of It video series.