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Ways to help you engage in your work

Being fully engaged in any activity allows you to appreciate and fully experience the moment. Good reasons exist to give your current work your full attention. This is true even if your priorities have changed or you don’t like the work anymore and are planning a job change.1

By offering 100% of your capabilities at any time and appreciating the work you do at any given moment, you:

  • maintain motivation
  • experience a sense of accomplishment in your work
  • maintain your self-esteem knowing that you have put in your full effort
  • notice your capabilities

It is very difficult to work at anything when you are disengaged. This can potentially result in poor performance reviews. That’s why it’s important to value yourself and all that you accomplish.

For some, having cancer makes them want to contribute in a meaningful and lasting way. Take the time to consider how you can do this at your workplace, whether you plan to stay or leave. This can be creating a “how to” manual for new employees, setting up a charitable fund to help those in need or improving office systems that make things easier for all. Try to think of that legacy piece for any job that you do. This will give you a sense of meaning and contribution. What’s more, it can also be something you will proudly share when you are being interviewed for a new job.

Explore the following questions:

  • What part of your work gives you joy?
  • What legacy piece will you contribute to the workplace that results in a lasting contribution to the work, your colleagues and the field/industry?
  • What helps you engage fully in the work that you do?
  • How will you find meaning in your work?


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