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Workplace wellbeing

Enhancing your workplace wellbeing means finding the way to engage in your work in a fulfilling way and implementing healthful practices that can improve your overall quality of your life. Part of this is to take into account that some may feel differently about their job, how they go about it and what they want from it. This can include wanting to reduce negative chronic stress, improving healthful practices in the workplace or working in a way that makes work more fulfilling.

Reducing stress at work

When you are considering returning to work, you may feel reluctant to return to a job situation that you feel is stressful. Not all stress is negative and in some cases, positive stress, called eustress, can help you feel engaged, motivated and be enjoyable. Of concern is negative chronic stress, which may be manageable by developing stress management strategies.

The first step is to reflect on how stress at work may affect you:

  • Is stress a concern for you?
  • What stressors do you have at work?
  • How have you coped with workplace stress in the past?
  • What has worked for you?
  • What has not worked for you?

Here are ways to learn how you can reduce negative stresses by changing your thinking patterns, learning skills to help you cope better, changing things to help you feel more engaged with work, and ensuring supports are available to you to improve your resiliency.

Explore these links to learn how to:

  1. change your job situation
  2. change your thoughts and feelings
  3. change your reactions to negative work stress