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Survivors Should I stop working?

Should I stop working?

Should I stop working or go back to work?

You’re not alone. Cancer and its treatment lead many people to doubt whether they should return to work or simply retire. Having to make this decision is especially true for those whose abilities have been altered to the point that they can no longer work at their previous level without hardship, and even more so for those who experience difficulty in looking after their basic needs.

However, even if you feel capable of returning to work at your highest level, you may not want to. The experience of cancer may have changed your priorities, your sense of what is important and how you should spend the rest of your life. A change of priority can particularly be the case if you are close to retirement age.

Whatever your age or level of disability/ability there is much to consider in deciding what kind of work you want to return to, or even whether you want to return to work at all.


Should I retire?