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5. Identify supports

Step 5 of 9 in getting ready to return to work:

Identify supports that will enable you to work

It is important to gain a good understanding of the supports that may be available to you. There may be services to figure out how accommodating your workplace will likely be, and the types of personal support your supervisor and co-workers may be able to provide. To find these services, speak to your employer, supervisor, the case manager at your insurance company and your union (if you belong to one). It can also be helpful to find out what supports other people have received at your workplace to allow them to stay or return to work following illness or injury.

For more information on identifying supports that will enable you to work, see the return to work is communication and teamwork section on our website.

To help you balance work and other roles you may have, take a look at what supports your family can provide. If you have been off work for a while, it may be time to renegotiate household duties. When you go back to work, you may not be as available or able to do as many household duties because of fatigue and time spent at work. You may need to discuss with your family how everyone can share the household duties. As well, if you are unable to drive, you may need your family’s help in getting to work.

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