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3. Communicate with your healthcare team

Step 3 of 9 in getting ready to return to work:


Communicate with your healthcare team

Once you understand the demands of your job and the challenges posed by changes in your work abilities, you can bring the results of your comparison with you when you meet with members of your healthcare team. You and your team may decide that you need more time to build your stamina before going back to work or that additional treatment or rehabilitation would help improve your overall work abilities. It may be beneficial at this time to provide updated medical information to your insurance provider and your employer to make sure they are informed.

Communication with your doctor and healthcare team members: (From page 30, BC Cancer Agency, Cancer and Returning to Work a Practical Guide for Cancer Patients)

  • Review the job analysis/job assessment summary form with your doctor.
  • Discuss your perceived barriers to work.
  • Ask if something can be done to increase your functioning (such as rehabilitation, counselling, pain management).
  • Get as much accurate information about what your doctor thinks you can do work-wise.

Note: If your doctor is unable to comment on any of these areas, ask them which specialists you should be seeing to get this information (that is, medical experts, neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, kinesiologists or physical rehabilitation specialists).

For more information on what to ask your doctor, see communicating and teamwork: communicating with your healthcare team.

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