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Return to work practices and policies at your workplace

Ask about return to work practices and policies at your workplace. Ask your supervisor, union representative, and (if your workplace has them) return to work coordinator, disability manager or human resources staff about policies and practices that have been put in place.

Questions to ask the people on your list:

  • Does the employer have a return to work planning process or policy?
  • What does the employer expect when employees return to work?
  • How was return to work put into action in the past?
  • What worked?
  • What did not work?
  • What types of accommodation were provided?
  • Can your employer accommodate gradually increased hours?

After you get answers to these questions, collaborate with your employer to create a return to work plan. Understanding your functional abilities becomes important at this point to help you identify tasks and concerns that will need to be reviewed at your planning meeting. By having a clearly outlined plan in writing, you can then carry out your plan when back at work and help avoid issues if there are changes in management or supervisors.