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How to negotiate work accommodations

How do I negotiate accommodations that I believe would help me return to work?

It is best to work together with your employer to come up with accommodation ideas that will help you resume working. Negotiating is a process that may require some compromise to get to an agreed upon solution. Here are some ideas to prepare your discussion.

  • Present information on restrictions and limitations based on medical information.
  • Have written recommendations on hand from your healthcare team.
  • Make a list of job duties that concern you.
  • Think of reasonable suggestions to help overcome challenges at work. See workplace accommodations for job accommodation ideas.
  • Request what you need only based on restrictions and limitations.
  • Be ready to give details of the accommodations you need.

Example: “My doctor thought these might be ways to improve my productivity at work while I cope with recovery from cancer.”

Tips on negotiating work accommodations

  • Anticipate positive conversations with your employer.
  • Stay open to your employer’s needs and suggestions.
  • Make constructive requests.
  • Avoid taking a rigid stance.
  • Focus on mutual interests.
  • Realize that you may not get everything you want.
  • Try not to take it personally if negotiations do not go well.

If you need help:

If you expect problems or you do not feel comfortable negotiating accommodations on your own, and if the following people are available to you, ask for help from: