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Key questions to guide a return to work plan

Now that you and your healthcare team feel that you are ready to return to work, you and your employer are ready to write a return to work plan. The following questions can help guide this process.

Time frame:

  • What is the anticipated start date for returning to work?
  • Is the employee returning gradually?
  • What is the projected end date of the return to work plan?
  • What weeks does this plan cover?
  • What days of the week will the employee work?
  • How many hours a day will the employee work?
  • What essential tasks and duties will the employee resume during this return to work plan?
  • What is the proposed schedule for resuming job tasks?

Restrictions and accommodations:

  • Are there any medical restrictions and limitations that the worker and employer need to adhere to?
  • Are the restrictions temporary or permanent?
  • If temporary, how long are the restrictions expected to last?
  • Are any work accommodations needed?
  • If so, what are the accommodations?
  • Why is each accommodation necessary?

Monitoring progress:

  • How and who will monitor the employee’s progress during the return to work process?
  • How will changes to the return to work plan be made if needed or required?