Cancer & Work
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Communicating with your workplace

Cancer survivors report and research shows that good relationships in the workplace are very important in helping with return to work. This can include support from co-workers, managers/supervisors and other staff. You can maintain this support, which you will need for your return to work, by staying in contact with your manager/supervisor and co-workers.

Here are some ideas on staying connected:

  • Attend holiday parties or summer barbecues.
  • Go for lunch or coffee with co-workers.
  • Keep your manager up to date.
  • Say that you are looking forward to and planning on coming back to work.

You may want to reflect on these questions:

  • How do I want to stay connected with my workplace?
  • How will I stay connected with my co-workers?
  • How will I stay connected with my supervisor/manager?

Deciding who gets to know about your cancer

Deciding whether to tell people at work that you had cancer is an individual decision. From the start, know that you do not have to disclose. For example, when you return to work after treatment, you may choose to say only that you had a health issue to attend to. However, disclosing or not can have its pros and cons. To learn more on disclosure, read our article Who Gets to Know: How to Exercise your Power of “Disclosure”.