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Psychological self-assessment tools

There are a number of psychological screening tools available online. While not specific to cancer, these tools can still help you identify whether you are  struggling with low mood or anxiety as a result of cancer and its treatment.

You can use these tools to show your healthcare provider some of the psychological concerns you may have. Many cancer centres in Canada use distress screening tools to help identify if the cancer diagnosis and the cancer experience created anxiety and forms of depression.  Talk to your healthcare professionals to access such screening tools.

Other ways to assess your mood, you can visit:

  • MoodFX: MoodFx is an interactive app designed to help people with depression and low mood feel better.
  • HeretoHelp: Screening Self-Tests from HeretoHelp, a project of the BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information.
  • Depression Hurts: Symptoms of depression checklist.