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Job analysis

Sometimes employers create job analyses for jobs. A job analysis is an in-depth description of a particular job. It breaks down the job’s specific tasks as well as the expectations of and demands on the employee who does it. This can include detailed information about the job’s tasks, working conditions and requirements including aptitudes, attitudes, skills, temperaments, as well as physical, psychological and cognitive demands. Job analyses are often created to help recruiting, training as well as return to work and human resources planning.

In the case of returning to work following disability or illness such as cancer, a job analysis is a useful tool to provide information about a job in order to assess whether someone is ready to return to work or what parts of the job need to be changed to enable someone to work again. For more information see National Occupation Classification system, which gives descriptions that can be described in a job analysis. (The Revised Handbook for Analyzing Jobs. Originally published by the U.S. Department of Labor, Training and Administration, 1991)

Ask your employer for a job analysis

Many large organizations have on file a detailed analysis for each job. Ask your employer, human resources department or disability management if they can give you a job analysis to see a breakdown of the specific tasks and demands of each job and the expectations of employees who fill it. You can use your job description to figure out whether you are ready to return to it as you are, or what needs to be changed. You can also show it to your doctor to help them make the best recommendations about your readiness to return to work.

For your boss to fill out:

If your employer does not have a job analysis available, you could advise them of this resource to aide them in creating a job analysis if they would like to complete one:
Job Analysis Form for Employers

Complete a Cancer and Work Job Analysis

If you cannot get a job analysis form from your employer, take the time to do your own job analysis. Then you can give the summary sheet to all the healthcare professionals who are asked to provide opinions on your readiness to return to work. Your job analysis can also help your healthcare team determine if a referral to rehabilitation services will aid in improving your ability or help to determine restrictions and limitations and job accommodation ideas and compensatory strategies.

See the Cancer and Work Job Analysis form that will take you through each step. You can also print the form and complete it at your own pace. Please remember that this website does not save the information you enter on the online forms. Once completed online, you must print your completed copy or save the file on your own computer.

For you to fill out:
Cancer and Work Job Analysis form for employees

Sample of a completed Cancer and Work Job Analysis

Click on the following link to view a completed job analysis developed by the BC Cancer Agency for the Vocational Rehabilitation Program using as an example a food service worker. View sample completed job analysis form (PDF, page 67)