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Cancer and Work Development Team is a website led by Dr. Christine Maheu, from McGill University and Ms. Maureen Parkinson, from the British Columbia Cancer Agency and their core team members, in partnership with the de Souza Institute. Advisory board members and expert writers made up of interdisciplinary clinicians, legal experts, management and policy makers, and academics also contributed to the content of the website.

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Are you thinking about staying at work or going back to work after being diagnosed with or treated for cancer?

Returning to work following cancer is a very important decision. With proper planning, you may avoid some challenges.

The Cancer and Work website is collaboratively built using the knowledge from cancer survivors, healthcare providers, vocational rehabilitation specialists, human resources professionals, and other experts.

While the focus of the website is on returning to work after treatment and recovery, many of the ideas can also help cancer patients who want to stay at work during this period. This website also includes ideas for cancer survivors who may not be working when they are diagnosed, or who may want or need to change jobs.

Where would you like to begin?

Assessment of your work abilities
Before you decide if you are ready to return to your job or what accommodations you need to stay working, it helps to have a good understanding of your abilities.

Return to work steps
There are distinct steps to planning to return to work. This section helps guide you through the process.

Cancer’s impact: Symptoms and strategies
Cancer and its treatment affect everyone differently. This section presents some of the main symptoms that can be caused by your cancer and cancer treatments organized by types of symptoms.

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