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Participating in Research with Cancer and Work

Cancer and Work is actively engaged in research to improve the process of return to work and remain at work following cancer.

We would be honored to have you participate in one of our studies to learn more on how we can better provide support to the return to work process following cancer.

If you are interested to participate, see the list of ongoing projects you can take part. Please contact Dr. Christine Maheu to share your interest at [email protected].

Please let us know which studies you would like to contribute and participate:

  1. Recruiting self-employed Canadian diagnosed with cancer to take part in a 30 minute interview to learn of your experience with remaining or returning to work
  2. Evaluating the satisfaction with the Cancer and Work website
  3. Take part in a 3 hour workshop on returning to work following cancer
  4. Evaluating a new feature of Cancer and Work currently under construction – a Chat box
  5. Sharing your experience of return to work following cancer in a 5 minute video recording