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Healthcare providers Workplace wellbeing Changing unhelpful thoughts and feelings

Changing unhelpful thoughts and feelings

Health care providers can support, encourage and remind individuals that while there are aspects of their work life over which they have no control, they do have control over how they respond to any event.

Fortunately there are many evidence based interventions to help manage and reduce stress and anxiety, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Relaxation Therapy, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), peer support groups, and coping skills training1. Many involve self-management. The “Survivor” section of this website has excellent self- help resources and online tools for this. Please see how to change your unhelpful thoughts, change your reaction to negative work stress and developing problem-solving skills.

Additional help with challenging unhelpful thoughts and problem solving:

  • Encourage the patient to go through the worksheets and exercises and to discuss their “Changing unhelpful thoughts” worksheet with a counsellor/ social worker or psychologist. They may be able to access one of these professionals at their local cancer centre where they received treatment through the Psychosocial Resources Counselling Services or Social Work Department of the cancer centre or hospital.
  • For those who have an Employee Assistance Program in their workplace, a counselor can be accessed though that program.
  • Suggest they review their benefits package or call their human resources department to see if counselling services are covered.