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4. Understand the demands of the job

Step 4 of 11 in getting ready to return to work:

Part of assessing  the patient’s functional abilities for working, is to compare them to the demands of their job. Doing so will enable you and your patient to identify any challenges they may face if they stay at or return to work.

In addition to asking the patient to describe their job demands, obtaining a job analysis from the employer may be even more helpful. The employer’s detailed job analysis outlines expectations for work ability and can clarify the essential and non-essential duties of the job. If a detailed job analysis is not available from the employer, consider:

  • asking your patient to create their own job analysis
  • having a healthcare provider interview the survivor and then create a job analysis

On this website, we provide resources for creating job analyses. See under the job analysis section and the Cancer and Work Job Analysis Tool. The tool can be completed together by the healthcare provider and patient. This allows the patient to reflect realistically on what their job entails, gives them and the healthcare provider an understanding of which job demands the patient can or cannot fulfill and helps both identify physical, cognitive and psychological challenges that may need to be addressed.

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