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Healthcare providers Returning to work/staying at work

Returning to work/staying at work

In this short video, Tina, a cancer survivor, describes her back-to-work process, including a conversation with her doctor.

Steps in getting ready to return to work

Many cancer survivors express a strong desire to return to work following a diagnosis or treatment for cancer. Engaging in work helps to regain a sense of identity as a worker, and allows the individual to financially support themselves and their family and to remain engaged socially.

However, while motivated to return to work, many survivors may not know on their own when they are ready to do so and may turn to their healthcare or vocational service provider for advice. For some, getting closer to return to work is a time of excitement that means things are getting back to a “new normal.” For others, work can bring up concerns, especially if options are limited. Whatever their patient’s situation, it is wise for the healthcare provider and patient to think about work as soon as possible to assess for potential challenges and consider solutions and options.

As a healthcare or vocational service provider, you may be in a very good position to assist survivors with determining their readiness to go back to work, helping them to prepare or remain at work. This section includes ideas on how you can help with transitioning or address work-related concerns.