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Maheu, C., Parkinson, M., Oldfield, M., Kita-Stergiou, M., Bernstein, L., Esplen, M. J., au nom des membres de l’équipe centrale de Cancer et Travail. (2022, 16 octobre). Cancer et travail. Extrait le 6 août 2021 sur le site Web de Cancer et Travail :

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Parkinson, M. & Maheu, C., and advisory expert group co-authors Dolgoy, N., Bernstein, L., Hawley, P., Clelland, C., Shuel, S., Bates, A., Riley, C., Brown-Johnson, A. M., Ginty, A., Hayward, L., Steven J. A., Simpson, A., Bouganim, N., Singh, M., & Robins. S. Supporting cancer survivors’ return to work / Offrir un soutien aux survivants du cancer dans leur retour au travail. eLearning activities UBC CPD Division of Continuing Professional Development.

Référence du rapport final

Maheu, C. & Parkinson, M., and advisory expert group co-authors Dolgoy, N., Bernstein, L., Hawley, P., Clelland, C., Shuel, S., Bates, A., Riley, C., Brown-Johnson, A. M., Ginty, A., Hayward, L., Steven J. A., Simpson, A., Bouganim, N., Singh, M., & Robins. S. Supporting cancer survivors’ return to work / Offrir un soutien aux survivants du cancer dans leur retour au travail: Final Research Report to the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, Ontario, Canada; June 2022, Available on the Cancer and Work website

Module CANO

Parkinson, M. and Maheu, C. (1st Co-Authored) with collaborations from Avery, J., & Rosychuk, J. Cancer Survivorship Modules for the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (CANO) Unit 9: Returning to Work After Cancer. Available on the CANO website:

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