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Nurse practitioners now allowed to complete medical reports required by the CPP disability program
On December 14 2017, the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Jean-Yves Duclos, highlighted an important change to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability program, in support of his commitment to improve delivery of programs and services for all Canadians. As of that date, treating nurse practitioners (NPs) can provide patients with medical evidence required by the CPP disability program.
NPs are now able to independently complete the initial medical report included in the application kit for CPP disability benefits, as well as the medical forms associated with the automatic reinstatement and reassessment of CPP disability benefits and the Disability Vocational Rehabilitation Program.
“We understand the emotional and financial stress that a serious health condition can place on an individual and their family. Health professionals play a key role in the CPP disability benefit process. Allowing nurse practitioners to complete the medical reports required by the CPP disability program will simplify the overall process and make the program more accessible for Canadians,” Minister Duclos stated in a news release.
“The changes to the CPP disability program allow NPs to practise to the full extent of their regulated scope of practice. It is great news for people applying for disability benefits and will allow timely access to care for millions of patients whose primary care is delivered by NPs. Canada’s health-care system will benefit from less duplication of services, fewer barriers to care and lower health-care costs as a result of these changes,” added Barb Shellian, president of the Canadian Nurses Association.