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Employers Law, policy, and practice information

Law, policy, and practice information

Various laws have been implemented to guide employers and protect employees and job seekers. These laws and their accompanying regulations cover human rights, employment standards, insurance, contracts, workers’ compensation, and employment equity. There are also regulations that govern how professionals must behave toward their clients.

Understanding these laws and following regulations help guide the employer and prevent being open to litigation or union grievances. Ideally, implementing good disability management practices (guided by knowledge of legal obligations and best practices) serves to anticipate and address and prevent any challenges for both employers and employees.

The information about Canadian laws on this website is a general overview of rights and responsibilities. While there are general principles that guide the law across Canada, there may be specific laws affecting each province or territory. Laws are often quite complex to interpret and they can change. For information on the laws that apply to your organization, we recommend you consult a specialist in this area such as a lawyer.

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