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Employers Assessment of work abilities

Assessment of work abilities

To help determine whether a cancer survivor can stay at work or return to work, an assessment of physical, psychological and cognitive abilities with reference to the job demands by a healthcare provider can play a critical role. Such assessments help determine limitations and restrictions, and indicate whether or what someone needs to maintain working or return to work.

While healthcare providers are often counted on to provide such assessments, the employer can play a very important role by informing the healthcare provider of the job demands so they can offer an informed opinion. A formal job analysis conducted by the employer has been found to be a very useful tool in assessing job demands. Professional assessments that can be provided or funded by employers or insurance providers are worksite assessments such as a physical/functional capacity evaluation and ergonomic assessment. These assessments have the advantage of assessing the employee on site, offering a better understanding of the unique challenges that may be present in the workplace and providing recommendations on how to address them.